Other Activities

A host of talented and spirited Martha Beck coaches will be offering other Wayfinding activities before and after the Gatheringimagine an array of proverbial tents set up around the main tent.  If you are interested in extending your stay and play, check out the offerings listed below!

Essential Elements for Helping the Dying and Bereaved
with Martha Jo Atkins

Thursday, April 21st, 8:30am – 8:00pm
Open to Everyone!

StarsImagine bringing presence, spaciousness, and deep peace to a room full of grieving people who aren’t sure what to do with themselves.

Imagine how you could help if you knew what was happening when someone is dying.

Imagine connecting to age-old rituals used to ease the journey of the dying and those who love them.

Imagine using your hard-won personal knowledge of death and dying in combination with new learning, to help others navigate unfamiliar terrain.

I’m Dr. Martha Jo Atkins. I’ve been teaching, talking, and learning about death and dying for more than 25 years. I’d like to teach you about dying so you can be one of helpers available to those in your corner when they need you.

100 years dying happened at home and we learned from one another what to do, what to say, how help. Our generation isn’t as knowledgeable about dying as the one before us. It’s time to step it up.

In San Antonio, on Thursday, April 21st, from 8:30a – 8:00p, I will offer a mentorship experience into dying, grieving, and living. We’ll feed you physically and metaphorically, pack your cells with new knowledge, take you to one of the few social hospices in the country, find and rest in deep peace. Friday morning, we’ll drive you to the JW Marriott in Austin by 11am.

This is not an in-service. This a soul expanding experience limited to 8 participants.  Cost is $750.

Event Page:  http://tinyurl.com/zyg56h6
Contact email:  martha@marthaatkins.com

Equus Workshop: Discover Yourself Through the Eyes of a Horse
unnamedwith Renee Sievert, Erin Cutshall & Diane Hunter

Thursday, April 21st, 9:00am – 4:30pm
Open to Everyone!

If you’ve read Martha Beck’s writing, you’ve likely heard her refer to the power of working with horses.  Now you can experience the wonder of Equus in a full day workshop on April 21, 2016.

With so much noise and pressure and things to do in everyday life, it is easy to lose our way. We begin to believe the stories about who we need to be, what we should do, and how we need to behave. Horses sense this and give us immediate feedback. They help us get back to what we already know.  Join us to re-discover yourself through the eyes of a horse.  During this workshop you will:

  • Interact 1:1 with a horse and receive immediate feedback
  • Discover a shift in the way you communicate and connect with yourself and others
  • Let go of ineffective patterns and create new ways to live intentionally
  • Learn from observing experiences of fellow participants
  • Have fun, meet new friends, and create community

No horse experience necessary.  There will be no riding.  All activities are on the ground.

For more information:  Click Here
Contact email:  Erin@ErinCutshall.com


Messages From Your Soul – A Day of Connection, Wisdom, and Guidance
with Emily Downward & Jody Low-A-Chee


Thursday, April 21st, 9:00am – 4:00pm
Open to Everyone!

Take this day to relax and gain a deeper connection to your Soul’s wisdom and guidance. In this nurturing gathering you will:

  • Learn several different pathways to connect to the wisdom of your Soul
  • Receive messages and guidance from your Soul
  • Learn how to set energetic boundaries for more peace, grounding, and ongoing connection
  • Join in a group exercise to magnetize your intentions using the energy of the group to support and amplify your desires

Emily Downward and Jody Low-A-Chee will be your guides. A healer with deep intuitive abilities, Emily will support your Soul journey. As an energy and coaching practitioner, Jody’s calm and grounding nature will nurture your deepest Soul connection. Join us to deepen your spiritual practice in the unique setting of The Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin, TX. Framed in nature, The Umlauf Sculpture Garden are a short ten minute drive from the JW Marriott Hotel. The Messages From Your Soul workshop will take place Thursday, April 21, 2016 from 9am – 4pm. The cost of $347 includes:

  • full day of activities
  • light refreshments
  • access to the Museum and Gardens

Lunch will be on your own, with several restaurants within walking distance on Barton Springs Road.

Reserve your space now at http://tinyurl.com/soulmsgs.
For any questions, please email Jody Low-A-Chee jodylowachee@gmail.com or Emily Downward get2emily@gmail.com


Invoking Your Horse Spirit
with Trish Lemke

Thursday, April 21st, 9:00am – 4:30pm
Open to Everyone!H46A9664

Pack your boots and cowboy hats because we are going to have fun with horses!

Join Trish Lemke of Joy Rides at Texas Trail Rides and Horse Center for a day of “Invoking Your Horse Spirit” ~ an amazing combination of Equine Guided Coaching and Trail Riding.

The morning will be dedicated to Equine Guided Coaching. Horses are uniquely gifted at showing you exactly what you need in order to move forward towards your best life. They help you find those “aha” moment and see clearly what are your personal roadblocks and barriers. Equine guided coaching activities teach you how to be present in the moment, pay attention to your inner wisdom and come up with the answers to create lasting transformation, which of course includes finding and keeping more JOY in your life!

In the afternoon we will mount up and hit the trail!  This is all about partnering and having a blast with your horse and with an amazing group of like-minded people. We will explore the forested trails, open meadows, waterfalls, rocky bluffs and rolling hills of the Austin countryside on a private 2000 acre Texas Ranch.  This ranch is a managed wildlife preserve and hosts a variety of animals, plants and wildlife which you will enjoy all from the back of a trusted and safe partner. Our personal wrangler will privately guide us through this amazing ranch, all with a mini riding lesson and some history and geography of the Austin area.

Cost: $675 (includes lunch)

Please contact us for weight limit restrictions. Space is extremely limited, so if your heart is calling you to join, register early!

Activities include: equine guided coaching activities, preparing your horse for the trail (saddling, bridling, grooming, leading) trail riding and anything else that may invoke your horse spirit. No prior horse experience is required!

For more information:  http://www.joyistheride.com/gathering-of-wayfinders/
Contact email:  joyrides.dgo@gmail.com

Girlfriends Gone Wild
with Susan Hyatt_MG_8938

Thursday, April 21st, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Open to Women Coaches Only!

Join me to kick off the MBI Gathering weekend with fun and connection! The HOTTEST dinner party ticket in town… for coaches who want to change the world while having a blast!

Ever hear the expression, “You are the average of your five closest friends”? Their salary or business earnings. The kinds of risks they are brave enough to take. Their creativity and productivity. Health and fitness. Happiness level. Add it up. Find the average. Most likely? That’s you.

It is vitally important to surround yourself with the best soul sisters you can find.

And that’s why I host a little something called…GIRLFRIENDS GONE WILD.

It’s is an over-the-top dinner party for amazing women making amazing plans for the present … and future. Big + beautiful plans. Small + beautiful plans. One woman described it as a “remember-till-you-die” experience.”

I call it: “the best damn dinner party of your LIFE. Period.”

For more information:  https://shyatt.com/ggwaustin/
Contact email: support@shyatt.com

Sacred Supper Club
with Sunny Joy McMillan

Thursday, April 21st, 6:30-9:30pm
Open to Everyone!

Neon Bull (smaller)In keeping with the spirit of this most wild and wonderful Gathering, I am delighted to announce the inaugural installment of the “Sacred Supper Club.” Join us as I return home to my old stomping grounds in Austin to lead you in an evening of revelry and ritual as we kick-off this magical weekend of awakening.

We’ll be spending our evening in a stunning downtown penthouse featured in Texas Monthly that is just five blocks from the JW Marriott. Come enjoy a breathtaking view of the Austin skyline from 31 floors up in this gorgeous space, complete with a beautifully landscaped rooftop patio where you can enjoy the city’s warm spring weather.

The festivities will include…

  • Fabulous food with truly authentic local flare provided by my dear friend Perry Ray (aka, Ms. P). As seen on Food Network and Bravo, Ms. P’s Electric Cock is an Austin favorite featuring refined southern comfort cuisine and familiar recipes with a stylized twist.
  • Beverages galore – from water to wine, we’ve got you covered!
  • Meaningful communion and conversation with friends new and old.

And the Sacred Supper Club would not be complete without, well, the Sacred. To that end, we’ll be getting all shamelessly spiritual. You’ll connect with and remember who you really are, and ignite the Divine spark within. The evening will conclude with a coconut-breaking ceremony on the roof.

For more information: Click Here
Contact email: sunnyjoy@goldenoversoul.com


SOURCED: Discover a Spirit Animal to Empower and Guide You
with Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

sarah and elephant

Friday, April 22nd, 8:45am – 12:45pm
Open to Everyone!

Do any of these describe you?

  • You are exhausted from trying to make life work on your own.
  • You are at least one part honey badger:).
  • You want to become more conscious in your life and you adore wild animals.
  • You have tried meditation but feel too jazzed to sit still for very long.
  • You are a rule breaker, maverick and tend to see things differently.
  • You balk at the idea of sitting quietly and listening to a lecture- you learn by “doing”.
  • You desire guidance from a higher source on a more regular basis.
  • You have a love of adventure.
  • You are Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, Lutheran, Muslim or Hindu– this practice can complement your religion, but it is NOT a religion.

I want to share with you some simple (and incredibly powerful) tools that have literally changed my life.  We’ll work with shamanic tools such as journeying and divination. These tools will help you learn to extract helpful information from the animals all around you.  IN addition, you will have the opportunity to seek out a Core Beastie or Power Animal to guide and empower you. These practices have helped me to live my life with courage and enthusiasm. And the best part?  Working with animal guides and spirits can often help us see life’s most difficult challenges from a playful angle (it can also be serious and deeply touching).

Come join me for a sacred and playful morning with lunch to follow! 🙂

For more information: Click Here
Contact email:  sarahseidelmann@gmail.com


Brand Like A Boss: Effective websites for soulful entrepreneurs
with Anna Kunnecke and Nikki McArthur

Anna_NIkki cropped

Friday, April 22nd, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Open to Everyone!

You’re a wayfinder.  A kindred spirit.

You’re also a business owner.  Maybe you’re a coach, a healer, an artist.  Your work MATTERS to you.  Aaaaand it needs to bring in the money. Maybe you agonize over your website… or you pretend it doesn’t exist.  Maybe you cringe as you hand out your own business cards… or you stammer when someone asks, “What do you do?”  Maybe it’s working okay but you know it could be better.

Master coach Anna Kunnecke and branding consultant Nikki McArthur are joining forces to help you go pro with heart and strategy. Together we’ll show you:

  • 5 things you should absolutely do to your website right now
  • 5 mistakes most coaches make that stop your clients from buying (and make Nik crazy!)
  • The key thing that makes people want to buy from you (Anna’s favorite soapbox)
  • How your big heart + wise business strategy can make you proud, authentic, and a bleep-bleeping BOSS

~Anna is a Martha Beck certified Master Life Coach who loves her work and has generated nearly $1mil with it (as a happy solo mom).
~Nikki is a brand consultant, sales coach, and awesomeness expert who helps solopreneurs create websites they LOVE (while keeping 4 children alive).

You’ll leave this workshop with tangible, actionable advice to whip your website into shape and book clients.  If we can do it, so can you.  We’ll show you how.

Fair warning: we are madly in love and swear like sailors. But don’t be scared.


The Magical Path: Breezing Through the Adventure of Square Three
with Master Coaches Lori Giuttari and Florence Moyer

Friday, April 22nd, 9:00am – 4:00pm
Open to Everyone!

Magical PathYou’ve done your inner work, dreamed, schemed and even taken a few steps toward the Promised Land. You know the Square Three mantra. You’ve recited – or screamed – it once, twice, a thousand times: This is much worse than I expected and that’s OK. But Square Three doesn’t have to be so freakin’ hard! Finding your way can be as easy as picking up the tastiest of breadcrumbs.

Connect with Wayfinders like you, who are ready to allow big things to happen in their business, their communities and the world. Learn how to practice your personal magic and to connect it to your work in the world with ease and abundance. (We’re talkin’ money, honey!)  And stay connected with a post-workshop group call.

During this workshop you will:

  • Learn to make your turtle steps more effective – and way more fun.
  • Shift the way you define big goals and map creative pathways toward the The Promised Land.
  • Forge deep connections with fellow Wayfinders who are ready to recite a new Square Three mantra:

This is way more fun than I expected, and that’s thrilling!!

The Magical Path
Friday, April 22nd, 9am – 4pm, JW Marriott

$425 (Early Bird Special: $350 through Feb 22nd)


Labyrinth Lunch: Walking with Intention
with Bridgette Parent and Margaret Webb

Walking with Intention photo 2Friday, April 22nd, 10:00am – 2:00pm
Open to anyone!

Cost: $145/person

Experience the Magic and Wisdom of the Labyrinth combined with Nature-Based Coaching Fun!!

Please join us, Martha Beck Coaches Bridgette Parent and Margaret Webb (Master Certified), to kick off “A Gathering of Wayfinders” weekend in a powerful and personal way as we gently guide you through the layers of the Labyrinth.  We’ll weave together practical coaching tools with fun activities to help set your intention, get grounded and feel inspired before all of the excitement begins.

We will also have a story that is absolutely perfect for this workshop told by our special guest, Michael Trotta!

“Walking with Intention” takes place at the Butler Park Labyrinth, a 15 minute walk from the JW Marriott. Bring your lunch, along with an open heart, and we’ll bring our love and compassion to guide you deep within, during this 4-hour journey to the center and back.

For more information: http://labyrinthlunch.com
Contact Email: margaret@sagefireinstitute.com


Forming Community
with Dr. Vivian Carrasco

MEOLA-8Friday, April 22nd, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Open to Everyone!

What I’ve heard from clients and peers over and over are the following questions, “How do I build community?” and “Where can I find support?” I’ve had a slow realization over the last several years that building bridges between and within communities has always been a part of my DNA. I recently thought it was a new idea but it’s just been so central to my way of being that it’s like I’m a fish in water, I just didn’t see that I was swimming in it.

In this talk, I’ll share my three insights into forming community based on my own recent experience as a Martha Beck Certified Coach, previous professional life in Partnership Development with fortune 500 Corporations, and in conversation with community leaders within the tribe.

Do you have questions or feedback? Email vivianhcarrasco@gmail.com
For more information visit https://formingcommunity.eventbrite.com

Real Life Magic
with Anna Kunnecke & Pam Ballo

light burst with blue

Friday, April 22nd, 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Open to Everyone!

Do you absorb other people’s emotions?
Do you feel drained or overwhelmed around strong feelings, positive or negative?
Do you get inklings, hunches, and strange knowings?

There’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not crazy. You’re just an empath, an intuitive – or as Anna says, a secret mystic. Or maybe your soul is just drawn to the deeper magical side of things.

Come and:

  • learn to tap into your magical gifts
  • set strong, loving, energetic boundaries
  • add tools to your intuitive repertoire
  • watch magic in action

We will get practical, mystical, and physical. And then downright Supernatural.

Anna will teach you tools and techniques to cloak, ground and fully enjoy the Gathering without getting overwhelmed. Pam will help you experience close-up how mystical gifts may manifest, as she allows a group of powerful & playful entities to channel through her. Bring any question you like or simply soak up the love, wisdom and laughter in the room as you explore your own evolving talents.

Anna has helped hundreds of smart, soulful women become powerful love warriors using her program Practical Magic for Secret Mystics. She believes in being really grounded and safe when you play around in the supernatural realms.

Pam has helped hundreds of people and organizations engage intuitively, expanding possibilities beyond their analytical minds and tapping into their own innate magic. Pam worked through a severe ‘shaman sickness’ as described in Chapter 7 of Martha’s book Steering by Starlight (code name Madison).

Real Life Magic
Friday, April 22nd, 1pm – 4pm, JW Marriott
$99 thru 2/22 (reg price $199 after 2/22)

Reserve your spot now: http://declaredominion.com/secret-mystic-workshop/
Contact email: info@annakunnecke.com

Resource for Coaches!
with Kathy Obear

Friday, April 22nd, 1:30-4:30pm
Open to Everyone!

HeadshotGet practical, accessible tools to use with clients who experience, toxic, difficult situations in the workplace:

  • Do your clients struggle to stay centered and respond effectively when their buttons get pushed at work?
  • Do they tend to overreact or shut down around disrespectful, bullying or exclusionary behaviors?

Through our discussions and activities you will learn how to use the 7-Step Triggering Event Cycle to coach clients to recognize their triggered reactions and shift their responses before they make any unproductive or career ending moves! You will learn how to help them explore and heal the underlying reasons they get hooked, the 7 types of Intrapersonal Roots.

You will leave with access to easy to use resources including my new book, TURN THE TIDE: Rise Above Toxic, Difficult Situations in the Workplace, as well as supplemental worksheets and exercises to use with clients and my recent 10-minute animated video, “What is a Triggering Event?”

Come join this engaging, interactive, and insightful conversation and connect with amazing coaches before the Gathering!

Cost is only $49!

Event page: http://resourcesforcoaches.eventbrite.com
For any questions, please email: Kathy@drkathyobear.com

Beginners Intuition Workshop: Experience Your Own Inner Guidance System
with Kirsten Cameron

Friday, April 22,  2:00pm – 5:00pm
Open to Everyone!

Location: JW Marriot, Austin, TX
Cost: $129

K14Do you suspect that you have intuitive skills?  Do you feel or know things that don’t come through your five senses and would like to learn how to harness this superpower?

Join Kirsten Cameron, Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, & Certified Martha Beck Coach, in this experiential workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to try intuitive practices in a safe space where you can awaken to your sixth sense and learn to trust your own intuition.

Working with Divining Rods, you will be able to ‘see’ the subtle energies of another and learn how energy patterns change as emotions change. You’ll learn how you personally receive 6th sensory information and how it may be different than you expect. We’ll follow this with an exercise in reading the energy emanating from others and learn a quick and easy tool to bring in 6th sensory information about others. Finally, you’ll play with psychometry.  Objects also hold the energy of their experiences, so we learn to tell the stories of jewelry, keepsakes or photos.

This class is for beginners and is a safe place to experiment, play, have your questions answered, and have fun with like-minded others.

“Kirsten Cameron is an intuitive coach who can, quite simply, make you laugh and feel better all at the same time.  She combines tools from her background with her keen intuitive abilities to help you remain grounded, gain clarity and connect with your best life.” ~ Dr. Martha Beck

For more information or to sign up, click here:  Beginner’s Intuition Workshop
Contact me at info@kirsten-cameron.com

Square Three Salon
with KJ Hawkwood & Cliff Olson

Friday, April 22nd, 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Open to Everyone!

Do you remember “this is harder than I thought – and that’s OK?” Yeah, we’ve found that there’s not nearly enough swearing in there for it to match our experience.

We’ve also found, though, that swearing in good company is a great antidote for the Square Three Blues, because none of us are in this alone.

I’m Master Coach KJ “Sassypants” Hawkwood, and along with my husband Cliff Olson, I run a Square Three business called First Five Things. We’ve found that you only need five things to get a service business started online – contact, presence, payment, scheduling, and business cards. We created FFT to help you get those set up, as well as coach you on what’s keeping you from actually doing your work.

We are hosting an informal salon-style conversation about all those swear-worthy experiences we have.  Come share your current challenges, ask questions, toss out ideas, and maybe do some actual therapeutic swearing! We’re pretty sure we won’t get thrown out – this is Texas, after all. 😉

In listening to others share their challenges, and having yours heard, we’re hopeful that you’ll leave feeling relieved, connected, and inspired to take that next turtle step on your own business.

  • Date: April 22nd, 2015
  • Times: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Cost: FREE!!
  • Location: Lobby bar of the JW Marriott (unless we get too big and rowdy, at which point I may have to send Cliff to find larger quarters for us.)
For more information:  http://firstfivethings.com/events/
Contact email: karen@firstfivethings.com


Intentional Jewelry Design – a new twist on vision boards….
with Mary McEvilly-Hernández

Slide1Friday, April 22nd, 3:30pm – 6:00pm
Open to Everyone!

As a Master Certified Life Coach and Jewelry Designer, I love to create opportunities that combine my two passions.  Words and stones have energy.  I believe we can wear symbols to ground, encourage and empower us.

This inspired me to create Intentional Jewelry Design.   Similar to a vision board, the “Intention Bracelet” is a tangible representation of your personal goals and desires…a reminder of the things that you most wish to bring into your life.

Choose from a variety of beautiful natural crystals, gemstones and beads to create a comfortable, wearable reminder of your vision for the future.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the meaning and metaphysical properties of the stones along with the spiritual healing lore.
  • Be led through a personally intuitive process in which you will choose the perfect stones to meet your objectives.
  • Learn to design and assemble your “Intention Bracelet”
  • Create a meaningful piece unique to your personal aspirations.
  • Leave with a talisman that will forever anchor you to your true longings.

Bring your desires, dreams and creativity and leave with a clear vision of your future in the form of a beautiful wearable bracelet to reinforce your intentions.

Consider including an “Intention Bracelet” activity at your next retreat or workshop!  Supply kit samples will be available at this workshop.

Early Bird Investment:  $59
After April 1, 2016:  $69

Click here to register:  http://imaginelifedesign.com/intentional-jewelry-design-workshop/
contact:  marymcevillyh@gmail.com

Soulful Love Coaching: Is Love & Relationships Your New Niche?
with Sharon Pope

SPope 300x300Friday, April 22nd, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Open to Life Coaches

Are you struggling to gain traction in your coaching practice?
Have you been changing your niche to try to find the one that feels like home for you?
Have you ever felt like your own struggles in love and relationships had a deeper purpose?

Join Master Coach, Sharon Pope for an informational session about a brand new program, the Soulful Love Coaching School where you can learn how to make love and relationship coaching your new niche.

There are so many broken hearts, so many relationships that need healing, and so many people that really want to have love in their lives but don’t have it… And although I’ve helped hundreds of them over the past few years, I simply cannot serve them all…

That’s where you come in.

The MBI coaches that are best prepared to step into this space in a meaningful way. So I’m going to teach my system for attracting clients and coaching them back to love and I want to share it with you first. After this informational session, you will:

  • Understand if creating a niche for your practice in love and relationships is part of your path.
  • Know if your own experiences in love and relationships can be used to both touch hearts and grow your practice.

At this session, Sharon will be accepting applications for the only 10 slots available in the pilot program before opening it up more broadly.

For more information: http://www.sharonpopetruth.com/soulful-love-coaching-school/
Contact Email: sharon@SharonPopeTruth.com

Blue Star Ranch Meet & Greet
with Dr. Trish Ring & the Blue Star Ranch Team

Saturday, April 23rd, 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Open to Everyone!

Meet and GreetBlue Star Ranch invites you to join us for a FREE Wine and Cheese Meet & Greet!

Saturday, April 23, 5-7pm immediately following Martha’s Saturday afternoon session.

  • Meet the Owners and Staff
  • Get to know our horses
  • Learn about our exciting Upcoming Events
  • See what waits for you at Blue Star Ranch

The Ranch hosts private events where gifted teachers, authors, coaches, and artists of various disciplines can gather with fellow wayfinders to retreat and collaborate. Our cornerstone program is RingLeader Equine Coaching, which is available by private appointment with Dr. Trish Ring or one of our accomplished coaches.

When: 5:00 – 7:00pm
Where: JW Marriot Hotel, Room 401

Each registered guest will be eligible to participate in our Blue Star Ranch giveaway!

For more information: http://bluestarranch.com/events/blue-star-ranch-meet-and-greet
Contact Email: info@bluestarranch.com


Walk With Your Divine Self:  Using the Labyrinth to Return Home
with Chris Brandt

North Star Lab-P Lane 300x300

Sunday, April 24th, 3:30pm – 9:30pm (with a break for dinner)
Open to Everyone!

I’m picturing the Gathering of a large, shiny, happy tribe, all bringing our divine, silly, messy, goofy, boisterous selves to hang with Martha.  It’s gonna be a blast!  And it’s gonna be crowded.  And the energy’s gonna rev up high.

I love finding ways to wind down the frenetic “buzz” and still take the amazing, magical energy home.  I need quiet space to process the experience – to “come home” to myself – before I hit the TSA line at the airport.  The best way I know to do that is to walk a labyrinth.  Walking in those curves helps me slooow waaay down and usually quiets my mind.

Labyrinths aren’t mazes; they’re not designed to trick you or create decision points.  If you follow the path, you’ll arrive in the center.  If you follow the path back out from center, you’ll end up where you started.  But not exactly.  And that’s a very good thing.

Occasionally the shift feels big, like there was a “lightning bolt from above” message during the walk.  More often, it’s subtler than that: You let go of something, making room for something else.  An idea might float into your head.  A puzzle gets solved.  Or you’ll feel the urge to skip.  Mostly, you get calmer.  And that’s a very good thing, too.

I’m bringing my canvas labyrinth to Austin this April.  There will be walking and laughing, writing and music, candlelight and ceremony.  Join us and experience some very good things of your own.

For more information:  http://walkingwithyourdivineself.com/events/labyrinth-gathering-austin/
Email contact:  christina@walkingwithourdivineself.com

photo credit:  Phyllis Lane

COWGIRL UP – A Coaching Dinner
with Dr. Trish Ring

Sunday, April 24th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Open to Women Only!

Trish RingJoin Dr. Trish Ring for an evening of fine dining, connecting, and coach talk on how to:

  • Lasso your inner cowgirl
    There’s a smart-talking, take-charge, thoroughly competent woman inside you, even if she’s been pretending to be really ‘sweet,’ as we say in the south…
  • Be the STAR of your life
    You are the star of your own lifestory – so SHINE
  • Because you’re taking the reins
    If you’re not calling the shots, then someone else is
  • And it’s not your first rodeo, either, honey…
    No more waiting, no more getting ready, no more looking for someone who can show you how. You’ve got this.

Gather for a gorgeous 4-course dinner, fine wine, fine women – no more than 11 participants – and the gift of time to relax, recharge, and step into your kickass self who’s been hiding too often, too long. You may not have known it, but we can all rock cowgirl boots.

For more information: http://trishring.com/cowgirl-up
Contact Email: info@trishring.com


Launching Girl Leaders
with Torie Henderson

Sunday, April 24th – Tuesday, April 26th (see website for times)
Open to Everyone!

Do you love empowering girls to use their voice and be leaders in their own lives? Are you interested in teaching life coaching and emotional intelligence skills to girls? Launching Girl Leaders is a movement to gather all those who feel called to work with girls, to accept that calling! We’ve got the games, the activities and lesson plans that girls love. We’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t, to connect girls to their essential self and each other, and we want to share it with you. If you’d like to make money by playing with girls and empowering them to change the world, learn more about Launching Girl Leaders in-person workshop, April 24-26, Austin, TX.

  • Workshop includes curriculum binder with permission to use it.
  • Hands-on games and activities to create a non-judgmental environment where girls feel safe to be themselves.
  • Share experiences and connect with other life coaches who work with girls around the country.
  • Proven practices to help girls connect to the power of themselves and each other.
  • Practical tips for creating a fun, lucrative, popular offering for girls in your area.

Torie Henderson is a life coach for parents with 20 years experience teaching social and emotional education to girls ages 9-16. Sign up for her interview series to hear how other coaches are using their knowledge and talents to change the world, one group of girls at a time.

For more information:  http://lifecoachingforparents.com/launching-girl-leaders
Contact email: Torie@LifeCoachingforParents.com

If you are a coach who wishes to offer an activity, please contact Jennifer@marthabeck.com for information.