About A Gathering of Wayfinders

LEAPRETREAT-1457In the past, some of our larger tribe gatherings have been open only to my trained Martha Beck Life Coaches. This year we’re extending our invitation to all Wayfinders (and their loved ones!) from all over the globe. Yes! That means everyone is invited!

Bring your spouse who’s been reading my books over your shoulder or secretly listening to your class audios. Bring your friend who hasn’t yet been brave enough to own his or her true Wayfinder nature, but who is so on the Team. We’re gathering as a village, a group whose shared belief in living a loving, peaceful, and purposeful life is now shifting the very culture that previously seemed to exclude so many of us.

LEAPRETREAT-1328No Gathering of this type is complete without a shared endeavor. This time, we’ll be diving into the content of my new book (!) Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening. I chose the word “allegory” to describe it because it’s defined as, “the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence.” That means this stuff is real.

While my new book is by some standards fantasy fiction, it includes some of the most practical tools and methods for transformation that I’ve ever written. I’ll be teaching these tools and methods for the first time at this Gathering. Our shared endeavor, should you accept, is to become more and more connected to our most authentic, innate selves—leaving behind the deeply ingrained enculturation of our more socially appropriate and docile selves that no longer serve us. Yes my friends, the time has come to be wild.

I’m not talking about swinging from the chandeliers (damage deposit, people!), I’m talking about being completely in tune with your essential self, which in turn deeply connects you to the world.

So while we Wayfinders are always drifting together through the lazy river of the Everywhen, I sure would love to see your gorgeous faces in person for a wild romp in Austin this spring!


LEAPRETREAT-1122Join Martha, her coaches, and your fellow Wayfinders for a weekend of…

  • Laughter—the inimitable comedian powerhouse Maria Bamford will be performing live on Saturday night!
  • LearningMartha can’t wait to teach you the real magic from her new book, Diana Herself: An Allegory of Awakening!
  • LaunchingWe’ll be celebrating Martha’s new book titled Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening before it hits the streets. All attendees will receive an advanced reader’s copy of the book well before the late April release date! 
  • SharingMartha’s fabulous trained life coaches will be offering you all sorts of cool and complementary experiences! Consider holding off on booking your trip until you’ve had the opportunity to review some of the additional offerings from our coaches, as you will probably want to stick around Austin for a little longer.

By the end of the weekend you will have:

  • The ability to calm your fear and treat yourself (and others) with more kindness.
  • Increased discernment: develop your sense of what nourishes you, and navigate toward that.
  • Reliably connect with your higher self and move into skillful presence.
  • Understand and feel that you are a fractal of the Divine, and as such, feel the inextricable connection to others and the planet.
  • Learn to live in your integrity.
  • Open yourself to new level of inspiration and creativity.
  • Connect with your own joyful true nature.
  • Stronger abs after wild laughter on Saturday night with comedian Maria Bamford!

You’ll return to your everyday life with this deeper knowing of how to enrich your connection: to self, to other, and to all: the universe, the one energy, God, the grand burrito in the sky, or whatever you like to call it. No more isolation. When we learn how to bewilder ourselves, we learn and feel a lasting sense of essential belonging.

Martha on Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening…

LEAPRETREAT-0391Moving to my ranch in California awakened my childhood longing to run wild in the woods. It was my enchantment with the land, the animals, the trees and plants—even the sounds of the wind—of my new country home that began bewildering me. I began a process of becoming more wild and this connected me to a deeper state of knowing and being than what Western culture has the language for. It became clear that the language I needed to use and the structure I could follow in the book that I began to write fell squarely into the realm of metaphor and allegory. And so my new book, Diana, Herself, moved from this experiential and transformative experience into the land of form.

While the characters in an allegory are by definition symbols, we too find that we are also symbols because the paradox of being truly alive is that while we have a physical body that is separate from others, we are at the same time, all other living things. All for all, always.

I strongly suspect that gathering together as Wayfinders and collectively waking up is part of this next stage of human consciousness. It may in fact be a necessity for us to continue as a species on this planet. In Diana, Herself I trust that you will not only more clearly find yourself, but that you will be delighted to discover all the rest of us… and that we’ve been and are actually together all the time.

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