Welcome from Martha

Hello Wayfinders!

This is my invitation to you (yes, you in your pajama pants over there!) to toss your groovy shoes or cowboy boots into a bag and join me for a bewildering, blissful, and boisterous weekend in the mystical land of Austin, within the great republic of Texas.

We’re gonna get wild in a place where they’re totally down with that.

For decades I have been yammering on and on—and on and on—about the transformation of consciousness. (If you’ve read any of my books or articles, you know of which I speak.) I wasn’t sure what it would look like, but boy, could I feel it coming. Folks, I believe we’ve reached the arrival gate of this new consciousness and I think it’s about darn time we celebrate it.

Similar to any great journey, our experiences are so much more joyful and profound when we share them with others. With this transformation of consciousness comes an almost urgent need and desire to gather with other like-hearted people, so I’ve created this Gathering of Wayfinders as a great celebration for all of us to enter into a whole new stage of being together, with a loving and true emphasis on meaningful community.

For many, the process of awakening (of becoming a Wayfinder, of being wilder) has been a profoundly lonely one. I can’t tell you how many Wayfinders I’ve talked to who feel a deep loneliness—the expression “everyone likes me, but nobody is like me” seems to capture this sentiment for most. The shift I feel happening means moving away from the typical self-help model and into the community model or what my friend Boyd Varty and I have been calling, “Village Building.” It’s time for us as Wayfinders to experience the exponential growth created by collective experiences and conscious connections. This gathering is a way to celebrate our membership in a growing global community and to share all the ways we will continue to practice the very skills we need to keep waking up to a whole new way of being.

So let’s build a village, y’all!